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Deep Conditioning (YASSS ma’am!)

Right now, I’m deep conditioning my hair. I’m at work right now an have a hat and hoodie on. Underneath the hat is a saran-wrapped dome with a new DC in my hair.

I’ve had this in since last night and will be washing out after work. My scalp is not dry, nor is the hair bu my scalp is ITCHING like crazy! I dont have to scratch hard to relief the itch, but I find myself tending to a lot of them.

I’m excited for super soft hair in the evening, and even more excited to be going on my first real hair journey. Unf that means figuring out new hairstyles and headwraps >:)

I would like to say I want to twerk for joy, but I think the world knows what has happened to this term. So…*raining glitter fest and cartwheels*


(Realistic) New Years Resolution

Learn how to take care of my natural hair, not only through attention and care, but by also eating healthier and exercising.

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Why are you surprised that people asked you to elaborate when you brought it up? ~ThatGorl
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Aloe Vera Juice Recipe


  • 1 Large aloe vera leaf
  • 3 Medium oranges
  • 1 Large apple (I love Fuji apples)
  • Blender
  • 1 Cup of water (optional)
  • Juicer (optional)


  1. Cut up the aloe vera leaf’s sides, and the rest of the skin.
  2. Scoop out the clear gel with a spoon and place in blender immediately.
  3. Blend the aloe gel evenly (shouldn’t take long at all, maybe about 20 seconds or less)
  4. Juice the oranges and the large apple juicer (or however you prefer to extract juice from fruits)
  5. Pour the juice in the blender with the aloe blend.
  6. Pour into cup and enjoy!


I have to say that this recipe is very bitter, so downing bits at a time helps. The sweetness of the fruits helps as well, so you can actually add as many oranges and apples as you would like. I believe the next time I do this on Friday, I will try adding more fruit to tone down the bitterness. 

Some say you can drink it everyday, however I will be shooting for twice a week. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

  1. Great detox for skin, liver, and colon.
  2. Digestive Relief (balance good/bad bacteria ratio)
  3. Pain Relief/Anti-inflammatory (especially for arthritis) 
  4. Helps the immune system
  5. Promotes hair growth/helps hair retain water and moisture

What reasons am I taking/trying this?

For my skin and arthritis :)


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